The Bulls Had A Rough Fourth Quarter In Miami Last Night

  • Eric Goldschein

Losing to the Heat 115-78 — Chicago’s worst playoff loss ever — was bad enough. But the Bulls, who played with great poise and confidence in their Game 1 win, blew their collective tops at the end of Game 2. After a very physical three quarters, Joakim Noah got tossed for yelling at a ref from the bench, and Taj Gibson wasn’t far behind.

Here’s how it played out, with the Bulls down 39:

As you can see, even former Bulls guard Steve Kerr was displeased with the game, noting that the refs weren’t giving the Bulls any breaks.

And then there was this:

Angry Miami lady and her slightly-less-angry-but-still-dick-looking-man-friend, summing up the night quite nicely for the Bulls. “Hey, Chicago — fuck you!” Lady, why were you so pissed? You originally from Cleveland?

We’re all for good, hard, physical playoff basketball, but hopefully Game 3 is a just a tad bit less intense. We want everyone the court (who isn’t injured, that is) for the whole 48 next time.

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