The Bulls Were Better At Scoring On Their Own Basket Than On Miami’s Last Night

  • Eric Goldschein

The Chicago Bulls were historically bad at offense last night. Not that we blame them — playing without your starters and placing the scoring onus directly on Nate Robinson’s back is bound to catch up with you at some point — but man, they were bad. As in, “No Bulls team has ever shot worse in the playoffs” kind of bad.

Here’s a look at their shot chart. This was their total, for the game:

For those of you scoring at home, that’s 19 for 74, or 25.7 percent from the field. Carlos Boozer led the team with 14 points — on 3 of 14 shooting! Nate Robinson had ZERO points. The ghost of Richard Hamilton scored 11. The only guy to sport a plus/minus that wasn’t negative was some dude named Malcolm Thomas, who sported a ZERO.

In a surprising twist, the Bulls’ defense was somehow more adept at putting the ball in the basket for Miami. Marquis Teague demonstrates:

Oy vey. It’s been a good, hard-fought season for the Bulls. Considering all they had to overcome, a competitive second-round series against the Heat should make these guys proud. But a night like this shows how overwhelmed they are at this point.

With Game 5 on Wednesday in Miami, it’s all over but the crying.

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