The Clippers And Lakers Might Swap Superstars In A Move That Sounds Great For Both Sides

  • Eric Goldschein

chris paul dwight howard together

It’s tough to imagine the Clippers and the Lakers working together on a trade, but rumors are flying that the Staples Center roomies might do just that.

This all stems from Chris Paul, currently on the Clippers, and Dwight Howard, currently on the Lakers, wanting to team up. Jeez, we have to go through more of this “stars colluding” shit? Alright, fine. What are they up to?

From ESPN:

Paul and Howard have been communicating via text messages.

And what are they talking about?

The preference for both players would be to play together for the Clippers, according to the sources. Because the Clippers don’t have enough cap room to sign Howard as a free agent, it would take a sign-and-trade deal with the Lakers to make it happen.

Why no love for Atlanta? Sorry, Hawks fans. It sounds like these two are more interested in getting the two L.A. teams to work together than going for the simple solution in the southeast.

Both teams seem to recognize that the other does not want to give their inter-arena rival a star player. The Clippers “fear” the Lakers won’t work with them, and the Lakers are aware that Blake Griffin — the centerpiece of any trade that would give up Howard — is “untouchable.”

But this trade makes the most sense of any I’ve heard in a long time, despite the fact that it will probably never happen. Howard can stay in L.A. without living in constant fear of his big-man legacy and get out from under the watchful eye (read: death stare) of Kobe Bryant. The Clippers give up their high-flying superstar, sure, but their lineup is likely even more formidable with Howard and Paul together. And the blow for Blake would be lessened by the fact that he’s not going to, say, the Bobcats. He’s still in L.A., still playing for a contender, and still the bright future of a great team.

Will the two sides get over themselves and learn to deal with each other? Will they swallow the fact that they’re both giving up talented big men — in return for talented big men? Stay tuned, for the next exciting episode of Nonsense NBA Rumor Mill.

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