The Coolest Thing You’ll See All Day: 16-Bit NBA Jam Style Portraits Of Your Favorite Current NBA Roster

  • Jake O'Donnell

As the the next generation of legitimately photorealistic sports video games descends unto your 4,000 pixel HD viewing monitor, graphic designer/artist/generally awesome dude Joseph Gottli wants to remind you of the simple beauty of 16-bit impressionism. Less is more sometimes, ya know?

He’s rendered every single current NBA roster using the same technology as designers did 20 years ago, to bring you the iconic imagery of the NBA Jam series. Are they caricatures? Sure. But they’re charming in a way that the James Harden’s vivid, sweat-soaked beard in NBA 2k14 can and will NEVER be. You can buy prints here, or print them out onto graph paper and knit them onto a sweater, like this.

Here they are in all their brilliance…