The Daily Yam: Steph Curry Doesn’t Need Both Legs To Hit From Deep

  • Eric Goldschein

Welcome to The Daily Yam, bringing you the top play from the night before, anything else you might have missed, and what to look forward to today. It’s your one-stop shop when you skipped last night’s action, or have forgotten what day it is. Last night, Steph Curry revealed his his new one-legged 3-pointer, and it’s awesome.

Your Daily Yam.

There’s only one guy in the league who can shoot off of one leg with any consistency, and — as analyst Chris Webber points out — that’s Dirk Nowitzki, usually from mid-range. Looks like Curry has added such a shot to his arsenal, but his range is limitless. It’s a beautiful thing to see, really:

He’s just dropping in treys now like some people do layups. This kid is good. His backcourt mate, Klay Thompson, is also good. Their team now has momentum going back to Oakland — they took Game 2 100-91.

What Else Happened Last Night?

The Heat got back on track by smacking the Bulls around, 115-78; the Bruins took control of their series by beating the Leafs in overtime, 4-3; the Yankees beat the Rockies 3-2 on an infield hit in the 9th; the Twins battered the Red Sox 15-8.

What’s On Tap Today?

No NBA playoffs, for some stupid reason; the Senators will try to close out the Canadiens (wow, these are pretty terrible names for sports teams — how am I just noticing that?) at 7 p.m. ET; Pens-Isles at 7 p.m. ET; Blackhawks-Wild at 9:30 p.m. ET; the best looking MLB games include Yanks-Rockies at 3:10 p.m. ET and Braves-Giants at 10:15 p.m. ET.

It’s Thursday. I’m parched.