The Headband Will Be Back: No Bald LeBron Tonight

  • Rick Chandler

Chris Bosh said that seeing LeBron without his headband in the fourth quarter on Tuesday was “like Bruce Lee seeing his own blood.” And that’s your awesome NBA Quote of the Week.

Hey, why not make a story of LeBron’s headband? It’s been all over Twitter for two days — and it’s not like the NBA Finals will help cut the deficit or secure world peace. Basketball, especially at the NBA level, is just entertainment. So on Wednesday reporters asked LeBron if he would be wearing it, and it seemed like a perfectly logical question.

“I’ll probably start off with it, man, ” James said, laughing. “A little superstitious. If it gets knocked off, then me and him will have a discussion if he will return.”

Yes, LeBron has begun referring to his headband as “he” — as if it had anthropomorphized overnight.

What did the headband say about all the whining for calls you seem to do?

No comment at this time.

Heat forward Chris Bosh said James losing his headband was “like Bruce Lee seeing his own blood,” and Dwyane Wade said he was confused because he’d never seen James go without his headband.

“I was like, ‘What is going on?’ He was just in that moment. He just said ‘Listen, it doesn’t matter.’ I think he said he might have come out of his jersey if he had to. I don’t think the NBA would have liked it.

“He was about whatever it took.”

Photo: USA Today.