The Heat Reportedly Don’t Want Danny Granger Because He Was Mean To Them In 2012

  • Eric Goldschein

danny granger heat

The 76ers and Danny Granger are reportedly close to a buyout agreement for the recently acquired small forward, and there is already talk of Granger joining a title contender like the Heat, Spurs or Thunder.

Except, scratch the Heat, because he was mean to them back in the 2012 playoffs. According to the Miami Herald, Granger’s actions during a heated Conference Semifinals series has stuck with the team:

So who would be better for Miami? Heat players would clearly prefer [Caron] Butler; he and Dwyane Wade are close from their days as Heat teammates, and Granger irritated the Heat’s stars by getting in their faces after fouls in the 2012 playoffs. At the time, LeBron James called Granger’s conduct “stupid.”

Whether the team just slightly prefers someone like Butler or DeAndre Liggins (who they signed to a 10-day contract) to Granger isn’t clear, but holding a grudge against somebody from two years sounds like the perfect way to fuck up the potential gift landing in their laps. Granger played for the Heat’s only true Eastern Conference rival, and probably knows every tendency of every player on that team. As an anonymous scout tells the Herald, “that definitely has value beyond what you get studying film.”

(No, let’s see what this guy from the Sioux Falls Skyforce can give us, it’s probably way more valuable than experience and intel!)

Guys, Danny Granger was mean to you because you’re the Miami Heat and he wanted to beat you. This was back when people thought the way to beat you was to beat the hell out of you and rebound and box out and force you into jump shots. Don’t take it personally. Or do — whatever. The Spurs or Thunder will likely be happy to take what you refuse to pick up.

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