The Knicks Had To Almost Sue A Guy Before He Agreed To Stop Selling His ‘KNIGGA’ Shirt

  • Eric Goldschein

knigga shirtIt took a bunch of customer complaints, legal threats by the Knicks organization and a piece on the local news, but a store in Midtown Manhattan finally agreed to stop selling a shirt that replaced the “C-K-S” in the Knicks logo with “G-G-A.” Classy, huh?

A-Jays USA store manager Eddie Nunez, delightfully quoted as saying “I mean, everybody’s buying it” as his reason for selling a racially offensive shirt, at first refused to requests to take down the unofficial apparel. I mean, if something makes you money, why stop doing it? Classic thought process. Anyway, soon after this piece ran on NBC New York, the (totally overpriced at $45) shirt disappeared from the store.

The Knicks also released a statement on the issue. “”We absolutely do not condone this t-shirt, which violates our trademark rights and now that it has been brought to our attention, the Knicks are working with the NBA to have the store cease and desist from selling them.”

Funny, we don’t hear anything like that coming out of the Washington Redskins camp.