The Los Angeles Lakers And Denver Nuggets Weaved A Beautiful Tapestry Of Dumb Last Night

  • Dylan Murphy

The Denver Nuggets defeated the Los Angeles Lakers 112-105 last night in a moderately thrilling game. But the game itself wasn’t particularly smooth, each team hiccuping its way to the finish line. The Lakers suffered through their usual litany of woes, poor transition defense and ball-dominating Kobe leading the way. The Nuggets, meanwhile, were headlined by Danilo Gallinari’s herky-jerky dribbling and Javale McGee being Javale McGee.

All of which equaled an elegant canvas of dumb, which you can watch below:

First up we have Javale McGee, who followed up an Andre Miller miss with a putback dunk over two people. Kosta Koufos and Andre Miller specifically, as in Denver Nuggets teammates Kosta Koufos and Andre Miller.

Next up are the Los Angeles Lakers, as a team, who simply decided that transition defense wasn’t for them.

And now we have Danilo Gallinari, who receives a dribble handoff from Kenneth Faried. Except Metta World Peace’s hounding defense is a little too much for Gallo to handle.

But Gallinari did get redemption, sinking a three from the corner to put the Nuggets up six with 13.8 seconds left in the game. And Dwight Howard, kind paint dweller that he is, generously handed Gallo the ball with a block-assist.

The Nuggets and Lakers don’t play again until February 25th (in Denver), and tickets are on sale for as low as $48. Get them while you can.

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