The Los Angeles Lakers’ Hiring Of Mike D’Antoni Gets The Taiwanese Animation Treatment

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

You know a story in the American sports world hasn’t really picked up steam until it’s chronicled by Taiwanese animation studio NMA. That’s just what happened to the Lakers after the still somewhat inexplicable hiring of Mike D’Antoni.

The animations are usually reminiscent of some peyote-induced trip, such as the violent retelling of that time Metta World Peace elbowed off James Harden’s head, or comparing the NBA lockout to a pizza. This one isn’t so weird as much as it is brutally honest. There are analysts out there salivating at the fantasy of being able to discuss D’Antoni’s hiring as bluntly as NMA depicts it.

In the interest of not getting distracted by the discomforting video, here’s the text-only version, which actually stands on its own very well:

Anyone with half a brain would have hired Phil Jackson to coach the Lakers. But Jim Buss doesn’t have a brain, so the Lakers hired Mike D’Antoni. Lakers fans are pissed that the team didn’t bring back the Zen Master. They’ll be even more upset watching a team of aging half-court players try to run D’Antoni’s system. Is D’Antoni better for the Lakers than Jackson? Let us know in the comments.

It’s all very simple once a Taiwanese animation studio puts it into perspective.

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