The Miami Heat Are Apparently Crying In The Locker Room Right Now

  • Dan Fogarty

Following their 87-86 loss to the Chicago Bulls, the Miami Heat are upset. So upset, in fact, that a few of them are crying in the locker room.

According to Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra, via ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, “some Heat players are crying in the locker room at the moment.” That tidbit was also confirmed by South Florida Sun-Sentinel beat writer Ira Winderman, who tweeted that Spoelstra said, “There are a couple of guys crying there in the locker room.”

After Chris Bosh‘s emotional press conference last week, we aren’t surprised: all jokes aside, the Heat are probably emotionally fragile right now, considering that they’ve played so poorly in crunch time, and are under an increasing amount on pressure to turn that around. In short, the wolves are out, and Miami’s players know this.

Also: really, Erik Spoelstra? Bad move on your part to leak that particular piece of info. I get what you’re trying to do. You’re trying to show that your guys care, that they’re not taking these losses lightly. But this is so counterproductive, it’s ridiculous. Your team, in addition to being labeled as a collection of front runners and traitors, will also now have to deal with the “crybaby” tag (Quick aside – who is the crier? Are there multiple criers? Just one guy weeping in the shower? I feel like these are fair questions to ask).

[Screengrab via Jose3030]