The NBA Actually Made A Brian Scalabrine Highlight Video

  • Dylan Murphy

Brian Scalabrine is everyone’s favorite end-of-the-bencher. The White Mamba, they call him. That’s all good and well, but Scal’s career wasn’t exactly highlight-heavy. Still, the folks over at the NBA’s YouTube channel have once again proven that any man is worthy of a two-minute highlight package.

We’re only left with a few “highlights,” in the purest sense of the word, as most of the clip shows Scal nailing some threes. It’s a nice gesture, with his (somewhat) retirement finally here after an 11-year career, but the NBA is grasping at straws at this point.

It’s amazing what an epic orchestral score can do for a guy, no? And if you go to the actual YouTube page, you’ll notice the video’s 300-something views, but nearly 2,400 likes. Which, really, seems to just sum things up quite nicely.

h/t TBJ