The NBA Schedule Is Out, And Here Are The Highlights

  • Rick Chandler

The NBA schedule is here! The NBA schedule is here! Finally, I’m somebody! Wait, that was a line from Steve Martin’s “The Jerk”. I’m somewhat less excited. But it’s still pretty interesting — let’s take a look.

You probably already knew that Cleveland was playing at Miami on Christmas Day. Or to some, LeBronsmas. But the other games that day include a rematch of the Western Conference Finals — Oklahoma City at San Antonio — and Golden State at the Los Angeles Clippers, which is a rematch of last season’s playoff tussle that went seven games and resulted in millions ejections. The others are Washington at New York and the Los Angeles Lakers at Chicago.

Your NBA regular-season opener will be Oct. 28, as the Spurs play host to the Dallas Mavericks (one of the three games that night). Also that night, Orlando at New Orleans and

Also of note is the NBA’s new, lengthened All-Star break. The last regular season game before the All-Star Game in New York is Feb. 12 (Cavaliers at Bulls), and the next is the following Thursday, two days later than usual.


Kevin Love returns to Minnesota on Jan. 31 with the Cavaliers, and is sure to be booed. But it will be a gentle booing, filled with love.

The Knicks open the season by welcoming Chicago on Oct. 29, which marks the return of Derrick Rose. Then New York plays Cleveland the next day. That’s a rather grueling 1-2 debut for Derek Fisher, eh?

See the entire NBA schedule here.