The NBA’s 2014 Noche Latina Uniforms Revealed, Y Los Tienen Mangas Cortas

  • Jake O'Donnell

So far, the only “Latin Nights” themed games scheduled thus far are Phoenix-Oklahoma City and Miami-San Antonio on March 6th, but we’ll venture a guess you’ll be seeing these new kits at the Knicks-Bulls game on March 2nd as well (both are regular participants in the event). Something you won’t be seeing, however, are shoulders, as this year’s crop of “Noche Latina” alternates are short-sleeved (as if that’s in any way surprising). The jury’s still out on those. What we do like, though, is that the cool Spanish argyle-wallpaper motif on the back of the jerseys. Definitely a bold choice, but a good one. To be honest, the word “Los” before the team’s name was a bit of a cop-out.

With out further ado, the six 2014 Noche Latina uniforms…


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