The Nets Are In Love With Toronto Raptors' Fans

  • Eric Goldschein

kevin garnett toronto

After a hard-fought Game 7 win over the Raptors yesterday, the Nets move on to the second round of the NBA playoffs. One of the themes of this series — the incredible fan support that the Raptors received from their fans both inside and outside the arena — appears to have stuck with the Nets, who couldn’t stop talking about Toronto’s fans after the game.

Here are some quotes from Paul Pierce:

And Kevin Garnett didn’t even need to be asked about the crowd — he just went for it:

The people of Toronto had a huge impact on this series and the league landscape over the past two weeks. Was this a turning point in the history of the Raptors franchise? Will NBA players start to consider Toronto as a premier free-agent destination, what with their young, talented team and passionate, loving fans and Canadian money? We’ll see what happens with Kyle Lowry this summer and go from there.

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