The Newspaper Ad Idea Didn't Work Out, So Dan Le Batard Rented A Billboard To Troll LeBron

  • Rick Chandler

Last week Miami radio host Dan Le Batard attempted to buy an ad in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, mocking LeBron James for his dine-and-dash stint with the Heat. The paper turned it down. So now, Le Batard — or more precisely, his father — has done this in Akron:

Ha. Time Magazine reports:

A representative for the show confirmed to TIME that Le Batard was behind the billboard ad, but declined to comment further, though they have discussed the joke repeatedly on air. “We’re telling him you’re welcome because he hasn’t said thank you to Miami,” Dan Le Batard said on a recent show, maintaining the ads are simply a light-hearted “publicity stunt.”

We assume that LeBron has been too busy doing things like renovating houses for deserving families, being a good dad and losing weight to respond to this bit of fluffery. You could have chosen a more deserving target for mockery, Le Batard. Like, say, Miami fans who leave the game early.