The Only Way To Celebrate A Warriors Championship: Jump A Police Motorcycle On A Skateboard

  • Rick Chandler

It’s just after midnight on the West Coast, and the party is still going strong in Oakland. Many fans are still milling in the streets, and as is traditional when an Oakland team wins a championship, a police motorcycle must be jumped by a dude on a skateboard.

Golden State’s 129-120 win (Editor’s Note: Game not that close) means that our long national nightmare is now over. Now more long, impassioned debates over the greatest player of all time, or “Cavs in 7”, or officiating conspiracies. NBA basketball is over. Time for the soothing, languid pace of baseball, and arguing over who will represent the U.S. in 3-on-3 basketball at the Summer Olympics.

Oh, but don’t forget the parade.

Let this be the image we take from Game 5, and 2016-17. No one ever said that LeBron doesn’t have class. Or if they did, they don’t know him.

Also in case you missed it, this happened.