The Pacers Almost Brawled Outside A Club In Orlando After Beating Up The Magic

  • Eric Goldschein

Was this the first time ever that Danny Granger and Kyrylo Fesenko were harassed at the club? Both are rich, strong, and tower over most other human beings (Granger is 6’8″, Fesekno is 7’1″). And yet, that didn’t stop an unruly mob of Orlando club-goers from nearly eating them alive.

Just hours after the Pacers trounced the Magic by 23 points, Fesenko was leaving a local club at 2:45 a.m. (as good a time as any to leave the club, though probably not when you’re in town to win NBA playoff games) when things went south. According to TMZ:

Sources at the scene tell us … the whole thing began when one of the clubgoers angrily accused Kyrylo of “bumping into him” … and then unleashed a flurry of verbal attacks at the NBA star.

As Kyrylo tried to walk away from the situation … the mob grew in numbers and the taunts became louder.

That’s when Kyrylo’s teammate Danny Granger charged towards the clubgoers … only to be restrained by some of his friends.

Danny Granger getting murdered would have been quite a downer for the Pacers, who are currently up 2-1. But, thanks to the best ending to any near-brawl ever, no one was hurt.

“Multiple bike cops peddled to the scene and diffused the situation.”

Thank goodness for bike cops!

There is video (also from TMZ) of the whole thing sort of taking place below (warning — this is pretty boring):

This would barely be a story, except for the fact that these two players have to be the unlikeliest pair of NBA teammates to be out clubbing together. Is Fesenko the Will Ferrell to Granger’s Chris Kattan? Do they travel the country going out together, dancing uncomfortably close to the same woman on either side, and then nearly get killed afterwards? That would be awesome.