The 6 Most Devastating Crossovers Of Allen Iverson’s Awesome Career

  • Jake O'Donnell

It’s official: Allen Iverson is done playing professional basketball (though that was pretty obvious when rumors about him playing in the Dominican Republic surfaced). It’s not really news as much as it is a chance to reflect on an iconoclastic career of the definitive NBA badboy. AI defined more than just a franchise — he defined an era in the game of basketball. Not the NBA. Basketball, the sport. If you grew up in the 90s, you probably had a bit more “street” in your game than somebody growing up today.

That was his fault. He was pure playground. He was that local legend that actually made it to the NBA.

And he did it thanks in great part to his crossover — perhaps the most defining, iconic move in NBA history behind Kareem’s skyhook and Jordan’s fade away. We’ve compiled the six best examples of the move, and ranked them based on factors like the quality of the player being crossed, or how hard they fell (If you think we left one out, let us know and we’ll throw it up.)

6) Derek Fisher

5) Kobe Bryant

4) Tyronn Lue

3) Antonio Daniels

2) Jacque Vaughn

1) Michael Jordan

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