The Slideshow Of Opulence: Club Owner Comped Miami Heat’s $100,000 Bar Tab As They Balled Out With 100,000 Babes

  • Jake O'Donnell

Two years in a row, Story owner David Grutman has let the deadbeat Heat slip out of the club without paying their freaking bill. “I’m not going to charge the Heat,” he said about the $100,000 tab, which consisted of about 100 bottles of Dom Perignon, in varying sizes. Realistically, this guy probably just bought a million new articles about his club, worth well over $100K in publicity, so, ya know, smart move.

Moving on to other shit rich people pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to pour out…

The Heat’s locker room bubbly, Möet Imperial Ice, which is about $150 a pop, was on the house as well. Hell, Möet paid the Heat to let them spray their product in eachother’s faces, and especially for Pat Riley to pour it on former-ESPN-reporter-turned-TNT-employee Rachel Nichols head. Wow, product placement is a competitive sport. Which got me thinking…

…if I was a mashed potatoes mogul, and I felt like doing the funniest thing in human history, I would have promised to pay twice what Möet offered, just to see a sloppy pot of Hungry Jack flung around in celebration.

Just to get that image out of your head, think about this purchase Mavs owner Mark Cuban made two years ago at South Beach spot LIV: a $90K, 15-liter bottle of Armand de Brignac champagne. This was such an outrageous expenditure, that the multibillionaire’s credit card was declined, and Brian Cardinal had to be cut from the roster just to get the payment through.

But hey, what do you expect from the guy who spent $4.2 million on Mayo last year alone.


Photos via World Red Eye, H/T ESPN