The Spike Lee-Reggie Miller Feud Continued Last Night With This Epic Video Bomb

  • Eric Goldschein

For ratings purposes, or some other PR stunt, Reggie Miller was allowed to call Game 2 of the Knicks-Pacers series at the Garden. As fans of both teams know, last night was the anniversary of Miller’s epic 8-points-in-8.9-seconds comeback in the very same building [Full disclosure: I was at the game, and it still haunts my dreams]. That game, along with a host of others during the 90s, sparked a Reggie Miller v. Knicks SuperFan Spike Lee feud that continues, albeit dimmed, today. (Here’s a recap of their back-and-forth, if you need one.)

So on the anniversary of Miller’s greatest Garden performance, with a new era of Knicks and Pacers battling in the playoffs, and Spike — for better or worse, the emblematic Knicks fan — in the building as always, what happened when their paths crossed?

Did you see that runty carrot walk by with the scowl on his face? That’s Spike. The years have gone by, but there’s still no love between these two. Extra points go to Charles Barkley for the dig there at the end.