The Suns Are Trying To Slide In And Snag Kevin Love At The Last Second

  • Eric Goldschein

eric bledsoe

After waiting almost a month for the unofficial Andrew Wiggins for Kevin Love trade to become official, the Suns apparently woke up from a nap and said, Shit, we gotta get in on this Kevin Love thing. Via ESPN:

With just hours to go before a planned megadeal the would send Kevin Love to Cleveland, the Phoenix Suns reached out to the Minnesota Timberwolves on Thursday to ask once more about the possibility of acquiring Love in a sign-and-trade for guard Eric Bledsoe, sources told

The Suns have been trying to make a deal with Bledsoe all summer — well, sort of, seeing as how they haven’t budged from their original four year, $48 million deal when Bledsoe wants max money — and are hoping that the Timberwolves break off from a deal they already agreed to weeks ago, which now involves two other teams.

We were just talking about the Suns and Bledsoe, actually — and about how, if the Suns were going to trade their unhappy star-in-the-making, it would have to be for an equally big, if not bigger, talent. Love fits that description, and he would actually be a perfect complement to the rest of the Suns roster. Just for fun, let’s see what that starting five might look like:

Goran Dragic
Gerald Green
P.J. Tucker
Kevin Love
Miles Plumlee

Ooh. I’m not saying that’s a championship-caliber team, but Dragic-Love is as deadly a one-two punch as any in the game right now, right up there with Chris Paul-Blake Griffin, Kevin Durant-Russell Westbrook, and… Love-LeBron, theoretically.

Will the T-Wolves renege on their deal with Cleveland? Doubtful. But it would make for some all-time-great back room drama, seeing as how the Cavaliers have basically cut ties with Andrew Wiggins already, and we’ve been preparing for a LeBron-Love combo for weeks now. Actually, can Adam Silver force this Suns-Wolves trade to happen, just so we can revel in the fallout? Thanks.

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