The Theory That Kobe Bryant Will Play For The Knicks Is Less Insane Than You Think

  • Eric Goldschein

Did you know Rick Fox’s real first name is Ulrich? Did you know that he’s a secret (well, not anymore) candidate for the Knicks’ head coaching job? And did you know that he feels Kobe Bryant could rejoin Phil Jackson in New York for the last few years of his career?

There is absolutely nothing that supports this rumor, which originated with Fox (and I guess Larry King, who brings the idea up in the clip below, much to Fox’s amusement). Kobe is an Lakers legend. He got an insane contract extension from the team because they both want him to finish his career in L.A. He’s already one of the greatest players ever, and appears to be on his last legs anyway — it’s doubtful he’ll want to play past these last two years. Basically, the chances of him leaving the Lakers to play for the Knicks are, at this point, about zero.


Let’s just imagine, for a second, what the NBA landscape could look like in two years. The Lakers and Knicks are about equally dreadful nowadays, buoyed by one great player and otherwise weighed down by shitty contracts to aging stars. By 2016, both of these teams could still be pretty bad. But one of them — let’s say the Knicks — could be pretty good. Maybe Carmelo Anthony re-signed with the Knicks on a decent contract. Maybe they were able to lure a top-flight free agent or other star like Kevin Love, Rajon Rondo or LeBron James (ha!).

Most alluring of all: Perhaps the Knicks are coached by Kobe’s former teammate Rick Fox (or Derek Fisher, his favorite teammate ever) and presided over by his former coach/mentor/spirit guide, Phil Jackson.

A good team, headed up by some of your best friends, in the only other market that can compare to L.A.’s? Perhaps the Kobe to New York idea isn’t so crazy after all. Did you ever expect to see Michael Jordan in a non-Bulls jersey? Paul Pierce on a team other than the Celtics? Peyton Manning not in white and blue? These things happen.

Not that this will, in fact, happen. But it could. Just saying.