The Top 5 Best Moments Of NBA All-Star Game History

The Top 5 Best Moments Of NBA All-Star Game History
  • Grace Pfeifle

The NBA-Allstar Game is considered one of the best games in the NBA. The most talented athletes are pitted against each other in an epic battle between the East and West. The star-studded display of talent is a hub for memorable moments and amazing highlights. As NBA All-Star Weekend is a upon us, here’s a compiled list of some of the 5 best moments in All-Star Games past:

5.) Tracy McGrady’s Dunk (2002)

During the height of his career, McGrady unleashed a dunk never seen before in the NBA, and one that would become a moment in history that captured his absolute athleticism. The alley=oop off the backboard to himself (while going through 4-5 guys) is an NBA All-Star Game classic. Check it out here:

4.) Iverson and Marbury Make a Comeback (2001)

After a tough game for the East, Allen Iverson and Stephon Marbury made some game changing threes that ended up with a stunning win for the East, 111-110. The competitive nature of this game made it such an exciting game to watch, and Iverson won All Star Game MVP as well as later winning league MVP.

3.) Shaq’s Dunk Over David Robinson (1996)

According to the rumor mill, back in high school, Shaq asked for the Admiral’s autograph and was completely blown off. It seems as though Shaq never got over it, and this was his revenge. Watch the insane dunk here:

2.) Michael Jordan’s Final All Star Game (2003)

After not being voted into the NBA All-Star Game by fans, Vince Carter decided to let his Airness start in his place. Here’s a look at his final fadeaway:

1.) Magic Johnson Comes Out of Retirement (1992)

After his 1991 press conference announcing that he had contracted HIV, people were very caught off guard and rumors swirled that he did not have much time left. He decided to come out of retirement for one last All-Star game, and he did not disappoint. People saw that he was lively and in great spirits, and he ended up winning the game for the West with a three pointer. After his amazing performance, Johnson was named the 1992 All-Star Game MVP.