The United Center Throws Heat Fan Up On The ‘Bandwagon Cam’ (Because Every Bulls Fan Is From Illinois)

  • Jake O'Donnell

The Derrick Rose-less Bulls trounced the Miami Heat for a second straight loss on Thursday, 107-87. Adding insult to injury for this Heat fan, the United Center’s mainframe computer singled him out on the Jumbotron, with the caption “Bandwagon Cam,” implying that he wasn’t a Heat fan until they were good. Fair enough.

Here’s the irony of the CHICAGO BULLS CALLING PEOPLE FRONTRUNNERS: From 1991-1999, every single NBA fan in the Northeast United States (and the world, generally) was a Chicago Bulls fan. Because they were good. For a decade.

A franchise built on frontrunners calling Heat fans “frontrunners,” is like Saudi Arabia calling out Kuwait for mining fossil fuels.