The Warriors Fan From The Heat-Spurs Game Got Into Trouble After His TV Appearance

  • Ricky Boebel

One of the forgotten stories of last night’s game was the random Golden State Warriors fan in the crowd. He had a brief cameo on camera at the start of the first period.

He appeared to be yelling at Popovich, who defeated his Warriors in Round 2 of the playoffs, as well as generally “broing out.” He wasn’t just wearing Steph Curry’s jersey either, he was in full uniform with Warriors shorts and shoes.

Steph Curry and the rest of Twitter reacted accordingly:

Late in the forth quarter Grantland’s Rembert Browne reported the fan got in some trouble:

This story is light on hard facts, but I think it’s a safe assumption he was put there for being extremely obnoxious. People that dress up in full Warriors gear for a Spurs-Heat Finals game aren’t exactly strong silent types. It’s a shame he was locked up, he definitely would have photobombed LeBron and Drake all night at the clubs.

[gif via Bleacher Report]