The Warriors Released Designs For Their New Stadium On The San Francisco Bay, And They Look Awesome

  • Eric Goldschein

The Warriors have plans to build a brand-new arena at the foot of the San Francisco Bay Bridge. Their contract with their current digs in Oakland, the Oracle Arena, will be up in 2017, and that’s when their new place is slated to be finished. And if the final product is anything like the designs released today, this place is going to be awesome.

The stadium and surrounding area — including a waterfront park — emphasis clean, open spaces, with expansive views both into and out of the arena. The arena will be publicly funded to the tune of $500 million, but it looks like the money will be well spent. The bragging rights to the league’s coolest stadium should not come cheaply.

Check out our favorite mock-ups below, and head over to the project’s official site for more:


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