Dude Who Rushed The Court To Tell Kyrie Irving He Loves Him Was Either Deeply Disburbed Or Pete Holmes

  • Rick Chandler

Or both?

This guy, who felt that he must meet Kyrie Irving, no matter what the cost. And the cost was high: one day his disgusted grandchildren will mock him for being arrested during a Utah Jazz-Cleveland Cavaliers game.

Cleveland Plain Dealer, via SI.com:

“He told me he loved me, I told him, ‘I love you, too, bro,’” Irving said. “The police didn’t think it was a joke. … It goes back to the emotional and deep-rooted support the fans have for the team. It was a great honor, but to do it during the game … maybe he could have waited until after the game?”

If fans want Irving to stay, somehow I believe that random dudes running onto the court to touch him is not the best strategy.

Pete Holmes, we know it was you in disguise.