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THINGS WE LIKE: This Inside The NBA Parody Video

THINGS WE LIKE: This <em>Inside The NBA</em> Parody Video
  • Jake O'Donnell

Sean Rohani is making a name for himself with these sports-centric parody cartoons (he does both the animation and voiceover work, by the way). This summer, he nailed the ESPN’s idiosyncratic World Cup panel with a pitch-perfect Alexi Lalas impersonation. We loved it.

Now he’s going after TNT’s Emmy Award-winning NBA pre/post-game coverage, because let’s be honest, it’s been getting a bit ridiculous as of late.

Props on the Ernie Johnson impression, dude. Not easy.

Jake O'Donnell

Jake was hatched from a large egg in 1999, fully formed. His hobbies include sports, writing, and accumulating hobbies. He considers his body is a temple. A very oddly shaped temple. (@_jakeodonnell)