This Fist Fight Between A Spurs Fan And Lakers Fan Pretty Much Sums Up The Series So Far

  • Eric Goldschein

I don’t like to promote violence, and so rarely will I post a video of dumb sports fans beating the crap out of each other in a fit of drunken rage/stupidity/anguish over a basketball team losing a game. But this fight after last night’s Spurs-Lakers game is just too apt an analogy. It must be noted.

Last night, after the Spurs easily dispatched the Lakers to take a 2-0 series lead, emotions were likely running high for fans of both teams. From the footage in this video, it appears one Lakers fan in particular wanted to prove his team’s dominance over the Spurs by verbally — and then physically — attacking a Spurs fan. Because, you know, transitive property and stuff. The original video’s description confirms this:

Lakers fan was talking shit about the Spurs (Spurs win Game 2 102-91) It escalated from stands upstairs to lobby below.

A large man in a Lakers jersey versus a smaller, unassuming Spurs fan. Lakers fan is confident he can take on Spurs fan. Spurs fan takes challenge. Let’s see what happens.

(Unfortunately, the person taking this video engages in the unfortunate practice of screaming “WORLDSTAR!” throughout, perhaps in anticipation of posting this fan fight online as soon as he got home. You can stop watching after the 1:00 mark, unless you like hearing someone scream “WORLDSTAR! WORLDSTAR HIP HOP BABY!” over and over. In which case, this video is your Holy Grail):

Like this Lakers fan, the Lakers basketball team is flat on its collective back, having been bullied to the ground despite immense size and history of beating up on other teams. Will it continue to get punched in the face until the Spurs let up and go fight either the Nuggets or Warriors? Game 3 is Friday night.

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