This Isn't The First Time Steve Ballmer Has Gone Bananas At An Event

  • Joe Polito

In case you haven’t heard, the Clippers’ new owner Steve Ballmer got what the kids call “Turnt Up” at the team’s fan fest today. Quite frankly, he went ape shit.

He then proceeded to lose himself. There were “I can’t hear youuuuuuuu”s. He started an “I love Larry” chant. He did everything short of challenge Mark Cuban to a ladder match. But if you know anything about the kinds of presentations Ballmer gave for Microsoft, this kind of behavior isn’t really surprising. Ballmer is indeed a mad man.

Exhibit A: Ballmer at Microsoft conference in 2007

Ballmer comes out in what can only be described as a “power skipping” to Golria Estefan’s “Get On Your Feet.” It’s all there. The cracking nerd screams. The confused dance motions. Make no mistake: This guy is a billionaire. Once he settles down and gets to the podium, he is still demanding a standing-room audience: “WHO SAID SIT DOWN?!?”

Shades of Howard Dean to say the least.

Exhibit B: Developers! Developers! Developers! (2008)

Did we mention developers? His chant kind of trails off into guttural noises at the end, but who can blame him. He’s sweating like a reporter who just got the blue screen of death six graphs into a deadline story.

Exhibit C: Steve-o and Billy Gates do “Night at the Roxbury”


So there you have it. The new Clippers owner is an extravagant individual. His enthusiasm cannot be restrained, and his brand of over-the-top ownership might be just what the Clippers need to move on from this whole debacle. I’m sure he’s more chill behind closed doors, but it kind of looks like Chris Paul is scared.

Image via Getty