What We Learned: Stephen Curry Was Great At Golf, Sucked At Basketball This Weekend

  • Rick Chandler

It has to be said: Stephen Curry needs a lot of work on his golf course 3-point shot. The guy who set an NBA record for made 3-pointers in a season was only one-for seven at the basketball hoop set up on the beach at the American Century Championship celebrity golf tournament at Lake Tahoe, Nev.

But did you know the Warriors’ guard could play golf? He entered Sunday’s final round in first place, and ended up finishing tied for fourth with Chris Chandler (Billy Joe Tolliver won it). Curry had a three-day total of 64, three points behind the winner.

They use the modified Stableford scoring format at Tahoe, where graduated points are awarded for pars or better. Two points are deducted for a double bogey or worse.

The hoop was set up on the beach by some Tahoe golf beach party denizens alongside the 17th, and as golfers walked by on the fairway, people threw out a basketball and the golfers took shots at the hoop.

Curry never made one while I was there on Friday and Saturday. Penny Hardaway did, after five tries. The best shooter I saw? Ray Romano. Yep, freaking Everybody Loves Raymond was 2-for-2 on Saturday.

Check out Curry’s two misses, beginning at about the :30 mark below:

More video: with Ray Romano set-shot magic, Larry the Cable Guy reverse dunk:

Curry’s golf swing was much better.

So how did Curry get into golf?

“My dad got me into it,” Curry told SportsGrid. “Then I played for my high school golf team, for three years, actually. I took up golf, I went out for it to get out of doing classwork.”

But he became addicted to it.

“I was proud of (his fourth-place finish), no doubt,” Curry said. “Honestly, I would say I have much time getting down the fundamentals of my golf swing over summer, just playing a lot, hopefully if I learn a couple of things along the way as I get older, I’ll enjoy it even more.”

Fun fact: after missing a shot at the beach hoop on Saturday, Michael Phelps walked onto the beach and signed a baby.

More photos from the greatest celebrity golf party in the world: