This TMZ Vid Of Big Baby Ushering A Dozen Women Into An SUV Is Hilarious

  • Jake O'Donnell

Glen Davis was bought out by the 19-46 Orlando Magic last month, and promptly signed by the 45-20 Los Angeles Clippers. Sure, he’s got a reduced role now, and but wow, not in the lady department (not to be confused with the “ladies” department).

His agent John Hamilton, really wasn’t kidding when he said “[The buy out] is probably the best thing for both the Magic and for Glen.” This preeeeeetty much looks like the definition of “the best thing.” We can’t imagine it worked out this well for the Magic, but hey, there’s a new Seven Dwarfs ride at Magical Kingdom to look forward to!

THE BEST PART: When he’s imitating the British girl getting into the beautiful woman clown car. What a dooshbahhg.