Those Stupid Gremlins Won’t Stop Bothering Michael Beasley

  • Dylan Murphy

Face-musher, erotic art dealer, potty mouth, man of new beginnings: Michael Beasley is a lot of things, and his antics catch no one off guard.

So when he stares angrily at the rim after missed free throws, we understand that gremlins are to blame (via

“Suns forward Michael Beasley, after missing two of his first free-throw attempts off the side of the rim, walked down the lane, stared up at the iron and shook his head. ‘I had to scare the gremlins away,’ he said. ‘Those gremlins are always messing with me.'”

ProBasketballTalk dug into the backlogs of Beasley’s career and unearthed his previous history with Gremlins – yes, there is one – as described by TrueHoop’s A Wolf Among Wolves:

“Did you see Beasley walk forward after missing a free throw in each of the team’s first preseason games, tilt his head and glare at the rim?

Well, here’s the story:

‘That’s a college job,’ said Beasley, who played one season at Kansas State. ‘Luis Colon was my college center. He’s a big Spanish guy and when big Spanish guys get mad, they start speaking Spanish real fast. Every time he missed, he’d look at the rim and curse the rim out. So every time I miss, I’m trying to get the gremlin off the top of the rim.'”

Blame it all you want on the weed, but NBA players seeing things isn’t anything new – nor are troubles with the charity stripe.

[, via PBT]