For This Young Fan’s Sake, Let’s Hope The Thunder Tie The NBA Finals Tonight

  • Glenn Davis

It’s been a hell of a year for Oklahoma City Thunder fans. The league’s best young team fully arrived as one of its best teams, period, posting a 47-19 regular season record and taking down each of the last three Western Conference champions on the way to the NBA Finals. It’s been a quick, remarkable ascent for the Thunder, and their insanely passionate fans have loved every minute.

Well, maybe not quite every minute. As great a season as it’s been, the Thunder have run into a bit of a roadblock in the Finals against the Heat. They’re currently trailing 2-1, and while that’s not an insurmountable deficit by any means (they were just down 2-0 to the Spurs in the Western finals, after all), it’s still a deficit – a deficit that’s come about thanks to two straight nerve-racking losses.

And nerve-racking losses are especially nerve-racking when you don’t quite have the perspective yet that allows you to see that as much as you care about them, sports are just a game that won’t ultimately make or break you. In short, they’re especially nerve-racking if you’re this young Thunder fan who now hates everything and everyone associated with the Miami Heat thanks to his favorite team’s misfortune:

LeBron fandom can become LeBron hatred so quickly: just ask the city of Cleveland. And poor Bosh. Always getting hated for no reason, even by little kids. Of course, his outlook on things will change drastically if the Thunder win tonight (which we’d guess they will, if we had to). Nice thing about sports – as quickly as they can make us hate everything, they always rope us right back in. Even when we do have perspective.

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