In Honor Of Groundhog Day: All The Tim Duncan Highlights You Can Handle

  • Joe Levine

Tim Duncan has long been referred to as “Groundhog Day,” a nickname gifted him by Charles Barkley because his game is the same thing every day like the Bill Murray film of the same name. With today actually being Groundhog Day, it only seems right that we honor Duncan’s model of consistency.

First, here is a traditional career mix for Tim Duncan, showing his highlights over the years through 2012. Bonus points to you if you can tell when each of these plays are from. Honestly, TD’s game has not changed since he was a rookie. Dude came into the league playing perfect ball on offense and defense.

And now, for a little bit of fun/to highlight an underrated aspect of Timmy’s game: Tim Duncan Outlet Pass Slow Jamz Mixtape 2013.

I think it’s safe to say that as long as Duncan is in a Spurs uniform, San Antonio will never see an early spring.