The Ultimate Indignity: Tim Duncan Dunks On Chris Andersen… After Hitting Him In The Face With The Ball

  • Glenn Davis

Tim Duncan isn’t the player he used to be. It’s not that he’s bad – many players would love to be posting 14.2 points and 8.6 rebounds in just 28 minutes a game – he’s just not the 25/12 lock he used to be. He’ll be 36 next month. It’s only natural. But don’t let that inevitable decline fool you – Duncan’s still a player you underestimate at your peril. Hell, as the Nuggets’ Chris Andersen learned last night, he’s someone you defend at your peril (video by Jose3030):

Poor Birdman. Well, maybe not poor – Ball Don’t Lie pointed out that he was once on the giving end of one of those ball-face-slaps. In any case, he couldn’t catch a break here: to his credit, he didn’t give up on the play even after taking that unexpected shot, and then was rewarded by… being in a perfect position to get dunked on. Oh well – this does make it harder to say Tim Duncan never does anything interesting.