Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Fake Joey Crawford, Guns, A Noose, Halloween, Bad Timing

  • Joe Levine

What’s the best way to follow up being fined $250,000 by the NBA for resting your starters in a prime-time matchup with the defending NBA champions? Probably not this? Okay, fair enough.

To the Spurs stars’ credit, the photo appears to be from teammate Stephen Jackson’s Halloween party, and Fake Joey Crawford showing up seems to be an unplanned addition considering Tim Duncan is dressed as The Punisher and Tony Parker is dressed as… The Punisher with an eye-patch? Even so, this photo will probably be enough for David Stern to hit the Spurs with another hefty fine for simulating murdering a league official.

Duncan, Crawford, Parker

I mean, I’m on the Spurs side in their recent struggle with the league, but even I have to say this is too much. It’d be different if it was cartoon violence (picturing Duncan and Parker as Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck smashing a Fudd-ed out Joey Crawford in the head with a mallet), but realistic-looking toy guns pointed at Crawford’s head with a noose in the background? That is going too far.

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