Minnesota Timberwolves Karaoke Is Back, This Time Taking On Britney Spears

  • Glenn Davis

When we last watched the Minnesota Timberwolves sing karaoke, they were giving us their spin on ‘N Sync, and Michael Beasley stole the show. Now, they’re at it again. This time, Britney Spears gets the T-Wolves treatment… and unfortunately for Beasley, this time, we think he got upstaged. You can decide for yourself with the video below:

Beasley had his moments, sure, but to us, the stars this time were Anthony Tolliver and Martell Webster, both of whom got pretty into the singing. Beasley just never quite got untracked this time, and while his discomfort was also sort of a joy to witness, Tolliver and Webster win this round. Beasley gave it a nice finish, though.

Additionally, Kevin Love gave a solid effort in his limited time, while Ricky Rubio continued his perfect streak of making you want to pinch his cheek with everything he says. We hope the T-Wolves shot more of these. Beasley emerged as the star the first time around, and now, we’ve got two totally new top performers emerging. Will each new song bring out a hidden talent in a different player? At this point, we wouldn’t bet against it.

[h/t Sebastian Pruiti]