Today Is The Anniversary Of “The Malice At The Palace”

  • Dan Fogarty

Ron Artest‘s slow transformation from ostracized boogieman to loveable crazy guy is really quite amazing to think about. Just 6 years ago today, he was involved in one of the scarier incidents in sports history when he jumped into the stands during a Pacers-Pistons game and attacked a fan that had thrown a drink at him.

Now, he appears on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” in pajamas, and everyone loves him. America, you continue to amaze.

That brief moment in 2004, when Ron Artest lost his mind after having soft drink splashed all over him (there’s a Glee reference in there somewhere), sparked a 4 minute brawl between players and fans that led to led to nine players being suspended for a total of 146 games, $10 million in salary being lost (the players were suspended without pay), and 5 of them being charged with assault.

It seems like it happened a million years ago, not six.