There Is A Special Layer Of NBA Infamy For Players Who Flop As Egregiously And Horribly As Tony Allen Did Last Night

  • Eric Goldschein

Everybody knows that flopping sucks. Everybody also knows that flopping is part of nearly every game, on every level. We have all done it from time to time, from dudes at the YMCA to NBA MVPs. It’s usually more embellishment than anything else — falling down when you haven’t been knocked off balance, etc.

But there’s a stark difference between your typical NBA flopping and the kind of flat out lying that Tony Allen of the Grizzlies tried, with great success, last night. The Grizzlies were down four with under a minute left when Zach Randolph and Allen forced a steal and went the other way. Manu Ginobili fouled Allen, who landed awkwardly and began clutching his head and writhing on the ground as if he had been kicked in the skull by the floorboards.

The thing is, Allen didn’t hit his head. He faked it. He lied and acted his ass off because he knew a flagrant foul — with its two free throws and the possession penalty — would be crucial in completing his team’s comeback. So he faked the shit out this “injury” and got the call he wanted.

Here’s the video below (via Business Insider), complete with Jeff Van Gundy calling attention to the egregious and blatant flop:

This wasn’t a flagrant foul. Ginobili grabbed Allen’s arm, Allen went flying, and then acted as if he had seriously injured his head in order to gain curry sympathy in his favor. It was a most unprofessional attempt at gaming the system that worked in the short-term (the Grizzlies tied the game and forced OT), but karma caught up to him and the Spurs prevailed. And frankly, I’ve never been so glad to see the Spurs win.

Keep the bush league stuff for the regular season, Tony. Man up and play ball in Game 3, would you?