It Looks Like The Trail Blazers Twitter Account Jinxed The Western Conference

  • Eric Goldschein

robin lopezThe Eastern Conference, generally speaking, sucks. The top two teams (Pacers, Heat) are Finals contenders, and every other team is some sort of garbage sandwich.

The Trail Blazers, who play in the Western Conference, decidedly do not suck. They’re first place in the West, and cemented their place as a true contender after last night’s win against the Thunder. When you’re riding high like the Blazers are, sometimes you get a little cocky, and tweets like this fall out:

Boom, roasted. As if this wasn’t bad enough, the Suns joined in:

Oh ho! Remember: The Suns were picked to be one of the worst teams in the league this year. So far, they’re 10-9, and would be the third seed in the East. That is not a typo, nor a joke.

But you know what? Last night, there were three interconference games — and the East won all three of them. The Pacers beat the Jazz (not surprising), the Cavaliers beat the Nuggets (sort of surprising) and the Hawks beat the Clippers (legitimately surprising).

There are no East-West games tonight, so we’ll have to wait until Friday (when the Suns play the Raptors and Nuggets play Celtics) to see if the jinx has legs. But until then, here’s a message from the Hawks:


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