Turns Out Shane Battier Was Just Looking For An Even Nicer Miami-Area Crib

  • Eric Goldschein

shane battier coral gablesWhen Shane Battier listed his Mediterranean-style house in Miami for $1.895 million, we thought he saw the writing on the wall and was prepared to leave town. But it appears that Battier plans to stay for the long haul — or at least through the end of the season — since he just closed on an even pricier place in Coral Gables. Rest easy, King James — your arm-drying extraordinaire is here to stay.

Battier dropped $3.22 million for the five-bedroom, 6,550-square-foot colonial, which also features a guest house, black-bottom pool, cabana and a bunch of other things you don’t have, because you are not rich like Shane Battier is rich.


He’s seriously rich.

All photos via realtor.com

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