Twitter Reacts To Derrick Rose’s Disappearance With Jokes

Twitter Reacts To Derrick Rose’s Disappearance With Jokes
  • Jake O'Donnell

After a reported blow-up fight with coach Jeff Hornacek after a benching in the fourth quarter of Saturday’s loss to the Indiana Pacers, Derrick Rose put it all behind him and moved on to Chicago. The thing is, the Knicks were playing the Pelicans next — not the Bulls. Enter Monday night’s episode of “Where In The World Is Derrick Rose?”

Rose wasn’t with his team and his team was all too happy letting the media know they had no clue where the hell their $22 million employee was. For a moment there, the lack of information combined with the sheer bizarreness of the whole situation made it feel like Rose might’ve been in some danger. How often does a marquee athlete just disappear? But as it turned out, word came in that Rose was ok, having apparently told teammates he was “home” in Chicago for “a family issue” — humanity’s preferred excuse for randomly missing work.

On one hand, sure, there is a possibility that Rose is currently dealing with a legitimate family emergency right now. One the other hand, he didn’t bother to call a team official (or a teammate) to notify anyone of his absence — he simply didn’t show up to an event that he was being paid $260,000 to show up to (that’s how much he makes per game, by the way) — which gives his story a distinct bullshit smell.

Let’s face it: either D-Rose got into a fight with his boss and played hookie, or D-Rose got into a fight with his boss, played hookie and happened to have a family emergency at the exact same time, because the “I was too distraught to let the team know I had to rush home after Nana fell down” spiel ain’t cutting it, Derrick.

Now that we know he’s ok, let’s recap some of Twitter’s best reactions to the news that the Knicks’ guard was missing…

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