Twitter Clobbers LaVar Ball For Blowing Son’s Shoe Deal

  • Rick Chandler


LaVar Ball had meetings with three shoe giants recently to try and get one of the them interested in his Big Baller Brand. The father of potential NBA No. 1 draft pick Lonzo Ball wants partnership, not an endorsement deal, and that so far is a big no-go. ESPN:

In his meetings with all three companies, LaVar insisted that they license his upstart Big Baller Brand from him, according to the companies. He also showed the companies a shoe prototype that he hoped would be Lonzo’s first shoe.

“We’ve said from the beginning, we aren’t looking for an endorsement deal,” LaVar told ESPN. “We’re looking for co-branding, a true partner. But they’re not ready for that because they’re not used to that model. But hey, the taxi industry wasn’t ready for Uber, either.”

So to recap:

* LaVar Ball has managed to ruin his son’s shoe deal before he’s even drafted.

* He has described his brand as the Uber of shoes.

You can give him an A for audacity, I suppose. And that’s OK if it’s your own future you’re playing with. But here he’s gambling with the future earnings of his three sons, and what if he’s just ruined everything? If you’re going to exploit your kids, at least make sure you have the financial gain.

Anyway, Twitter is enjoying the ride.