An Argument About Last Night’s Sixers-Bulls Game Resulted In Two Men Being Shot

  • Dylan Murphy

After last night’s 96-89 Bulls victory over the 76ers in Philadelphia, two Sixers fans, described as “younger males,” got into a dispute about basketball on a crowded train with a Bulls fan. Somehow the commotion devolved into flying bullets, and two men, the Bulls fan and an innocent peacemaker, were shot.

Via the Associated Press:

“[Lt. John] Walker says a 35-year-old Bulls fan quarreled with two younger males before being shot as his assailants exited the train at 46th street in West Philadelphia. A second man who and tried to calm things down was shot in the leg.”

Both of the wounded are expected to survive, but the shooters have yet to be apprehended. According to the Chicago Tribune, it all started over “a little bit of banter.”

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