Ty Lawson Isn’t Doing UNC Academics Any Favors With This Answer To A Math Question

  • Eric Goldschein

ty lawsonTy Lawson, Denver Nuggets point guard, attended the University of North Carolina, which has a noted recent history of really taking the word “student” out of the term “student-athlete.” Reportedly thousands of UNC “students” throughout the years took sham classes that resulted in groundbreaking academic works as this one paragraph paper on Rosa Parks that earned an A-. Moral of the story: Not really a school.

Lawson did an AMA on reddit yesterday — a website that he’s come to embrace over the past few months, which is cool, good for you man — and someone thought it would be funny to ask him “What is the square root of 69?” Ha, very cute, okay, let’s move on to real questions… or, wait, he’s going to answer that? Don’t tell me he whipped out a calculator and wrote down the first 10 digits of whatever endless number the answer is?

ty lawson ama

Oh boy. Not only are square roots more of a high school math thing, but to bring up UNC and academics, even as a joke, is asking for someone to come back with a snarky “correction”, like this one:

ty lawson ama full

Hey kids, come to UNC! You might even stay long enough to learn basic algebra! Or not. Whatever.

Just so we’re clear, I think Ty Lawson is a cool guy. It’s his alma mater that sucks.

Eric Goldschein

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