How Cute: Tyler Hansbrough Loses His Sh*t To Defend Brother Ben Hansbrough After He Took An Elbow To The Head

  • Dylan Murphy

Tyler Hansbrough and Ben Hansbrough are brothers. They both play for the Indiana Pacers. Tyler averages 16.3 minutes per game, Ben 7.8. Tyler has played in all 22 games, Ben 4. Tyler is the older brother, Ben the younger.

During last night’s game, Cleveland’s Tristan Thompson was trying to wrestle away a rebound when his elbows swung wildly. Unfortunately one connected with the side of Ben Hansbrough’s chin, causing him to stagger backwards in shock/pain. This did not make Tyler happy, who jumped to the defense of his brother and had a mini-meltdown. Thompson puts his hands up innocently and probably tries to explain that it was accidental, but when it comes to Tyler’s own flesh and blood, he will cutely and nonviolently stand near your face and yell obscenities.

As for the rest of the Pacers (including Ben), they just kind of stand there – because, uh, it was an accident.