Tyler Hansbrough Was About To Fight Metta World Peace, Until He Remembered Metta Doesn’t Come In Peace. Then, He Pooped His Pants.

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Tyler Hansbrough Metta World PeaceTyler Hansbrough is now on the Toronto Raptors. He’s still known as “Psycho T,” because he likes to put a fierce face on while trying to get rebounds over people more athletic than him. He is not actually psychotic, despite the nickname.

Metta World Peace, who once won an Oscar for his portrayal of Ron Artest in “Malice at the Palace,” doesn’t have a nickname, but it is strongly suspected that he is psychotic.

“Psycho T” got pissed at Actual Psycho in a preseason Knicks-Raptors game, but then he realized who he was getting pissed at, and the result was a splendiferous Vine video.

Don’t mess with World Peace. Or world peace. Or whirled peas.

h/t Johnny