Honey Badger Don’t Care That He Likely Isn’t A First-Round Pick. His NFL Draft After-Party Invitations Claim He Already Is One. (UPDATE)

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Tyrann Mathieu is going to be selected in the 2013 NFL Draft. He’s working on “recovering” from marijuana use, which basically means he has to convince teams he won’t get arrested or suspended in the NFL. He by no means appears to be a bad guy, but these “character concerns” will plague him, as will his diminutive size. Read this recent ESPN story on his road back; it’s sad, but encouraging.

But whether or not he’s “back” or “recovered” or whatever bullshit word you’d like to use for a college student who really liked smoking weed, he is still a cocky, electric athlete that was nicknamed the Honey Badger (though he prefers Tyrannosaurus Rex or Mr. Chaos). This means that he don’t care that every mock draft I’ve ever seen has him being selected outside of the first round. He don’t care so much that he’s having an after-party for the draft, and on the invitation, it says that he’s a first round pick. This makes no sense, but it is on Instagram, and it is funny.

Mock drafts aren’t especially accurate, so it’s possible Honey Badger do care, and Honey Badger do have some inside info on Honey Badger’s eventual draft position. But more likely, Tyrannosaurus Rex just bein’ cocky and gonna get his hopes crushed. We hope you still enjoy your party, Tyrann, and we hope you “get better” and succeed.

UPDATE: Honey Badger cares that people have been saying this was his idea. He says he didn’t approve it.

[Dr. Saturday]